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Terrance Warren

Terrance Warren  photo Terrance Warren

Hi, I’m Terrance Warren, I’ve been in fitness industry for 12+ years. My love for training and teaching classes come from a very unconventional place. It started when I worked for the YMCA and was presented with the opportunity to fill in for someone’s class, and it sparked something in me that I couldn’t let go of. Being an ex-basketball competitor fitness became natural to me and gave me a chance to show different talents that being in office I didn’t get to let out. I started warranty, Fitness nine years ago with the goal of helping people train for life. Of course people want to look better but realistically if you physically can’t do the things that are required in daily activities then why are you working out? I’ve worked with all types of demographics from professional athletes to active aging adults that are in their 90s. One thing I’ve learned from all these different demographics is don’t judge a book by its cover and going in with an open mind to help them become a better version of themselves.